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Designed to
increase sales and
reduce returns

Sprie blurs the lines between e-commerce and instore,
allowing you to reach more customers, on any platform.

Get better exposure, deeper insights, and sell more of your products

Maximise ROI by reducing returns

Remove the need to order variations that your customer won’t likely require

Increase customer engagement

Convert more by keeping customers longer on your website and reduce bounce rates.

Remote selling made easy

1:1 AR enabled video conferencing for sales support and personalised selling.

Try-on enabled video conferencing

Remote selling made easy
1:1 Live product demos
Personalised sales support
Interactive 3D product view
How it works

Let your customers virtually try on your products online and in store.

Frictionless and instant virtual try-on system
Product comparisons with rich calls to action
Custom branded QR codes
No app downloads needed
How it works

E-commerce problems that Sprie can tackle for your business

Sprie can greatly help in mitigating these pesky problems that are quite common-place with e-commerce shopping stores, thereby improving your business's KPIs so you can rest easy.

Higher return rates

Customers intentionally order the same item in different sizes as they can't try them on online, resulting in high return rates.

Sprie's AR try-on system can minimise such loss by making the product clearer to shoppers at the point of sale.

Lack of personalisation

Lack of personalisation adds more tasks for potential buyers to perform, lengthening the buying process and even triggering the 'paradox of choice'.

The virtual try-ons lets customers see the products on themselves, thereby offering personalised shopping experience.

Higher bounce rates

Current data puts the average bounce rate of shopping websites at 45.68%. Reducing bounce rate from website and getting visitors to explore the site is a challenge.

Reports show that 50% of users spend more than 2 mins interacting within a single AR try-on, which can greatly reduce the bounce rates.

Expensive home trials logistics

A lot of e-commerce websites offer home trials of their products. This results in higher costs per acquisition due to return shipments and, often times, damages to the products.

Sprie provides all the benefits of the home trials while greatly reducing the logistical expenses and the cost per acquisition.

Engage customers and stakeholders everywhere

Better product positioning and awareness with Sprie


Engagement lift


of people engage more with AR

Reinvent the store for the new generation of shoppers

Sell out-of-stock inventory

Convert store visitors online

1:1 personalised selling and sales support

AR enabled video calls to simulate in person selling

Reduce unnecessary travel for product demos

Shopping behaviours are changing


Shoppers would rather interact with AR
try-on than watch a 30sec video


Increase in conversion rate from products that include AR vs products that don't (Shopify)


Shoppers spent more time with products if they are available to try on virtually

We’d love to tell you some customer stories

"Sprie's technology and understanding of the implementation is changing the way that Kirk & Kirk do business. Their commitment and professionalism is a pleasure to experience and we have seen an immediate impact on engagement."
Jason Kirk, Founder - Kirk & Kirk Eyewear

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