Finding the perfect fit

Let your customers visualise how your products look and fit in a real-world environment to eliminate guesswork, avoid post-purchase risks and shorten the sales timeline.
Lower returns

Remove the need to guess the sizes with AR try-ons which lead to expensive returns.

Better product positioning

Have your entire product catalogue available in AR, instantly accessible online or in-store.

True to scale

Products in real life scale, giving clarity to make informed purchase decisions.

Powerful ways Sprie boosts your product outreach

Entire catalogue in AR
Amplify print campaigns and adverts
Sell out-of-stock inventory
Digital sampling
More opportunities to sell
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Hyper-realistic 3D model rendering

Supported by our state-of-the-art digitalisation pipeline, Sprie is capable of serving hyper-realistic 3D models for as many products as needed.

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