Buying eyewear made easy

Helping eyewear companies with their digital transformation with instant real-time virtual try-ons requiring no face scans or app downloads.
No face scans

Instant face detection that doesn't require outdated and time consuming face scans.

More choices online and in store

Better omnichannel experience for customers with one click instant try-ons or QR Codes.

Replace home trials

Remove the need to provide expensive home trials that your customer won’t likely require.

Virtual try-ons made simple

We help you to keep track of everything your business does

Powerful ways Sprie boosts your product outreach

Direct links to the cart and favourites
Sharable try-ons and snapshots
Sell out-of-stock inventory
Social campaigns
Custom QR Codes
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Instant face tracking

Save your customers from time-consuming face scanning process for eyewear try-ons. Sprie can detect faces as soon as they enter the camera frame with up to 500 3D face landmark points, on all devices including desktops and mobiles.

Shopping behaviours are changing


Shoppers spent more time with products if they are available to try on virtually


Increase in conversion rate from products that include AR vs products that don't (Shopify)


Shoppers would rather interact with AR
try-on than watch a 30sec video

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