Pioneering omnichannel immersive shopping

The ubiquity of smart phones and smart cameras has changed how shoppers buy, transforming the retail experience. Retailers and their marketing teams are getting to grips with developing strategies to meet this long-term change in behaviour towards ‘contact-free’ shopping and build experiences that meet shoppers’ needs.

The ongoing shift to online shopping has only been accelerated by COVID-19. Retailer marketing teams are faced with meeting the challenges this raises but must also take advantage of the new opportunities this presents. As an augmented reality technology start-up, we knew we had a safe way for brands to market and offer the same physical experience virtually through augmented reality (AR).

Percept Imagery's mission is to help global retailers deliver better customer experiences – no matter which channels they’re selling on.

Our award-winning team

has vast experience across AR, computer vision, machine learning,
business development, and much more.

Akshay Saswade
Rohan Satpute
Matthew Dean
Director of Sales
Abhishek Deb
Head of Engineering
Shubham Dawande
Principal Engineer
Fulvia Mura
3D Generalist
Dipti Tiwari
Back end developer
Ruta Zala
Front end developer
Dr. Dan Brown

Awards and recognition